In Memory of My Husband

in-memoryMy husband cared for us in his own loving way. When I suffered from allergies, colds and asthma, he taught me and encouraged me to do exercises. Often, it felt like he was disciplining me to do exercises, specifically asking me to skip a rope. Surprisingly, I came to realize that I was able to heal myself better through exercises compared to medicines.

Because of his love for outdoor activities, I was able to enjoy canoeing and sailing with him. I am proud of him to say that he skated on Rideau Canal from Dove’s Lake to the Parliament Hill twice a week every winter when we used to live there. He also encouraged me to go cross country skiing with him on Cypress Mountain. However, I could not keep up with him and couldn’t endure the cold.

Because he was concerned about my health, he made breakfast for me, so I could eat before going to work.

When my children were toddlers, he loved them very much. When they were a bit older, his attitude towards my children changed. It may be because of stress, I do not know for sure. I regret to admit that he had a problem controlling his temper and often got angry towards my sons and did not act like a loving father although he prayed for them every single day. I prayed very frequently that God will do something to restore the relationship between father and sons. With regrets, I admit that God did not answer my prayer for them. I do not know why. I do know that God does not treat us like puppets. God has given us a free will and he will not change us if we do not desire to change.  Only when we allow God to mold our lives, he will bring great changes in our lives.  We need to willingly submit to His will.  I continue to pray that God will heal their sorrows and also help them to experience heavenly Father’s love.

My husband has written his own testimonies for the Lord. I am not able to lay my hands on them but when I find them,
I plan to add them to this website.


Jasmine Ghala
British Columbia, Canada