Overcoming the Hurdles of Life

Through the power of prayers, worship and the scriptures

Life is not a bed of roses. Often, it is like winning a war, or overcoming obstacle after obstacle, just like a James Bond movie. There are natural roadblocks and there are roadblocks that people throw at us and there are blockages of our own mind and attitudes.

We have many options: (1) We can withdraw from the race, hide, turn away, take a different route or (2) face the problems and (2a) overcome them and be a humble winner or (2b) be brave to take a defeat like a politician and be a gracious looser and keep on trying or (2c) be discouraged from a defeat and never show our face to anyone.

Efforts, perseverance and will power can help a lot, but to a limit. What if our efforts, perseverance and will power failed? Then what? Are we then going to understand and accept our limitations? That may be wise in some circumstances. Or, are we then going to be discouraged from being persistent and never try again? Are we going to be timid for the rest of our lives? No! That doesn’t sound good! Or is there another way?

It is not always necessary to solve all the difficulties in our lives. We can avoid some of them altogether and not to worry about them and live a happy life. However, there are some hurdles in our lives and they must be overcome, lest we perish. Often, it is important that we overcome the hurdles. There is no other better choice, and therefore, it is wiser to know how we may overcome the hurdles in our lives that are absolutely necessary to overcome.

The whole argument above is summed up in one small prayer: “God, grant me the strength to change the things that I should change and accept the things that I should not change and the wisdom to know the difference.”

This book is a true story about my personal life experiences, describing overcoming the hurdles of life that were absolutely necessary and important to overcome.

I am not talking about great victories in life, such as: climbing the Mount Everest, swimming across the lake Ontario, sailing around the world, or doing any scientific research. As an ordinary person, I faced many difficulties and obstacles in my life, doing ordinary things and acquiring basic necessities of life and succeeding in normal tasks, such as: health, education, jobs, business, marriage, accommodation, family matters, etc. My desire is to help my readers to give them hope and inspiration, to fight the hurdles and battles of life like a James Bond movie.

However, it is different from James Bond movie and the difference is that it is not a fictitious story with fictitious strength and fictitious victories of a fictitious character. This is a true story with true victories of a real person through the power of prayers to our Lord Jesus who is real and who lives for evermore.

It is my earnest desire to reach out to ordinary people like me who have to go through struggles every step of the way to acquire basic ordinary things of life. May God inspire them all and bless them as they read this book and help them overcome hurdles in their lives through the power of prayers, worship and the scriptures. Let it all be for his glory.


Jasmine Ghala

British Columbia, Canada