Readers’ Comments

I have known Jasmine for over 25 yrs. 23 of which we were prayer partners. We began praying for our children and over the years have prayed together in agreement for our family members. I have found her to be a steadfast prayer warrior as well as friend. God has been very gracious to us and answered many of our requests. She loves The Lord and is unwavering in her faith. With this book it is my prayer that many will learn, through the difficult lessons that God gave her. It has made her a strong faithful Christian.

For the readers of this book, I say, may The Lord encourage you as I was encouraged by reading Jasmines book. I was amazed at her willingness to be transparent. The book covers how The Lord dealt with her short-comings with kindness teaching her all the while about his grace to forgive and to teach. The process of answering her prayers and giving her the victory while she surrendered to him, is an interesting and valuable read. Her scripture knowledge is extensive and is used all through her writings. As we have all fallen short of the glory of God, we are able to take her lessons and apply them to our own lives. I found it easy to read and very enjoyable when she explained the differences of the religion that she was raised with in India and her now belief in Jesus Christ her Saviour. Peace to all in Jesus Precious Name.

– Marion Garbe, Maple Ridge, BC

I found Jasmines story to be intriguing, and laid out in a timeline that showed clear progression in understanding and faith. God revealed himself to her in a simple evangelist message, and set her on a quest to find out more about who this God was that touched her heart.
Through the challenges and obstacles of her life, God has shown himself faithful to her, and He continues to reveal Himself to her even to this day.

Blessings Jasmine!

– Eric Elford, British Columbia

My cousin Jasmine Ghala’s book – “Overcoming the Hurdles of Life” – is, to use her own phrase, “a testimony to God”. I have gone through the book, and found that there are striking similarities between her experiences – or, to be more precise, her encounters – with Christ and those of Mary Baker Eddy, who describes Jesus Christ as the ‘Scientist’. Jasmine narrates her miraculous recoveries from various illnesses without the help of any drugs. At one point of time, when she was about to be operated, she prays to Christ and, lo and behold, the doctor who was to perform the operation does not arrive, and she eventually gets cured.

In the same way that Eddy became convinced that illness could be healed through an awakened thought brought about by a clearer perception of God and the explicit rejection of drugs, hygiene and medicine, based on the observation that Jesus did not use these methods for healing, Jasmine also gradually acquires the conviction about the power of Jesus to cure illness and restore health and wellbeing.

Jasmine’s book plumbs the depths of her inner self insofar as she undergoes a transition from one faith – Jainism, which shaped her beliefs from an early age because she was born into it – to Christianity. She experiences the power of Christ through her prayers not only in recovery from sickness, but also in her getting admission to a desired learning program, almost out of turn, where there was no hope for her. Through sheer force of her prayers, she also gets a job at a time when the prospects of her getting any employment were remote. And it was so crucial for sustenance of her family.

Jasmine’s finding an apartment exactly as per her desire, in answer to her prayers to Jesus, is nothing short of a miracle. The problems she encounters in her job are also resolved through her prayers. In short, she finds solutions to each and every problem that she encounters through prayers to Jesus and surmounts all the hurdles that come in her journey through life.

Her story is truly inspiring and her faith in Jesus is amply rewarded.

-Mukul Jhaveri, Gujarat, India