This book – ‘Overcoming the hurdles of life – through the power of prayers, worship and the scriptures’ is my personal biography since the day I came to know Jesus. As I solved numerous difficulties of my life, God gave me inspiration to write the book of my testimonies.


Through the power of prayer, worship and the scriptures

This is my true biography from the time I came to know the Lord Jesus. I was sick and the medical science failed to heal me with a surgery. Then, the doctors wanted to perform a major surgery on my body. Before the surgery could take place, the Lord Jesus healed me through a simple prayer of a preacher without any need for the surgery.

The book describes how the Lord provided me with the necessities of life during the times of depressed economic condition of our province and at the same time teaching me his principles and molding my character day by day with his gentle compassionate love.

The book throws light on the environment of schools and teachers as well as Government authorities and their contribution towards the education system. The book also pinpoints the stubbornness of the people in authorities to hinder my opportunity to take education and how the Lord intervened and got me out of their maze of making me run around.

The book also exposes the church environment, relationships among church attendants and their contribution towards the church including pastors and their services to the congregation and their expectations from the congregation.

The book further describes my experience with the medical professionals specially dealing with physicians and surgeons. It also throws light on surgeons’ approach to surgeries while refusing to acknowledge the simple methods of healing through medicines where surgeries may not be necessary as most surgeons often do not want to walk in the shoes of physicians. It further shows how the Lord intervened to prevent a major surgery and healed me through a simple medical technique.

The book goes into the details of how the Lord Jesus taught me with patience, the values of forgiveness, humility and thanks giving.

The book exposes the environment of work places.

It further grasps the attention of the readers on juicy legal and justice system specifically dealing with lawyers and crown counsels. The book shows the Lord’s guidance on every step of the way to bring justice for the innocent. In the end, it shows a peaceful and graceful outcome for a once accused employee.


Jasmine Ghala

British Columbia, Canada